Why are PVC garden hose so popular?


PVC garden hose plays a very important role in life, the inner and outer layers are basically made of high-quality materials, the production process is very advanced, and the use performance is very superior. It will not cause any pollution to the environment when use PVC garden hose, also it will not cause any impact on people's health. So PVC garden hose has been welcomed by people.  PVC garden hose has a wide range of use, and can be used in many industries, among which it can play a very inportant role in factories, homes, landscaping and other industries. There are many kinds of different classification according to the use of different properties including new plastic hose and PVC hose, etc.. It can be divided into high temperature resistant hose and so on according to the different application. Each type has their different characteristics. Therefore, it won’t be any problems when use garden hose. And installation is also very easy. As a professional hose supplier, Orientflex has PVC garden hose with high strength tensile polyester fiber reinforcement, various color, light weight, soft and flexible, easy to move, good weather resistance. And we also provide connectors, which can save time for you.

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