Strict inspection system introduce


Inspection is very important for customer, company and products. Orientflex has a strict inspection system to ensure each product is qualified. There is a container of water pump hose will be loaded. Before loading, our professional quality inspector is inspect product carefully.

   Package: Check whether the package form, package size and number of water pump hose meet the requirements, and whether the package is complete and damaged. Shipping mark: Check whether the size, quantity and paste position of the water pump hose’s shipping mark meet the requirements. Wall thickness: Measure wall thickness of water pump hose to see if there is any noticeable wall deviation.  Check whether the contents of the shipping mark are correct. Printing: Check whether the print position is appropriate, the content is correct, the font is clear and neat, the print font and the size of the print are in accordance with the requirements. Other inspection: Check whether the length, wight, hardness, color, connector and so on of water pump hose are in requirements. Hebei Orient Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd established in flexible hoses in 2006, the company is a professional manufacturer and exporter of PVC hoses, industrial hoses, hydraulic hoses, silicone hoses and couplings. Every product will be inspected carefully before loading. The MISSION of Orientflex is “The Most Cost-effective China Flexible Hose Serve The World”. The VISION is “To be One-stop Global Supplier of Flexible Hose and Coupling” .

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