Sewer Flushing Hose 250bar

Sewer Flushing Hose Characteristic:

●Highly abrasion.
●Weather resistant cover.
●Low friction coefficient and is easily cleaned.

Sewer Flushing Hose are designed for high pressure water blasting into sewer lines, clogged drains, or cleaning of culverts. These hoses must have a smooth cover to prevent hang ups and snaking through lines. The tough covers must withstand constant dragging and abrasion.

Sewer Flushing Hose Construction:

Tube: SBR, black, smooth.

Reinforcement: Textile braided.

Cover: NR/BR, black, smooth, highly abrasion resistant, weather resistant.

Sewer Flushing Hose Application:

The sewer flushing hose suited for sewer cleaning vehicles, for flushing drains and sewers in industry, commerce and infrastructure.

Sewer Flushing Hose Characteristic:

Very cost effective due to its highly abrasion and weather resistant cover. The smooth cover provides a low friction coefficient and is easily cleaned.

Sewer Flushing Hose Temperature: -35°C to +80°C.     

Sewer Flushing Hose Specification:


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