Nylon Strech Hose

Nylon Strech Hose Characteristic:

● No oil stains, Good light
● There is high elastic steel wire spiral support


Double layer PVC film with nylon fabric wire

Nylon Strech Hose Specification: 50 mm to 600 mm

Length: 10 m/bar (other length measures can be customized)

Temperature resistance: -30 ℃~120℃

Nylon Strech Hose Description: 

Double layer PVC film and nylon cloth calendered, after 170 degrees Celsius vulcanization before molding, gray white, smooth surface, no oil stains, good light, there is high elastic steel wire spiral support.


acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, temperature resistance -50-+100 Degrees Celsius, good softness.For medium and low wind speed system, pass flame retardant test


large spraying, printing machine, large kitchen and bathroom equipment ventilation.

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