Knitted garden hose

Knitted Garden Hose Characteristic:

●No torsion, Kink resistant, Lightweight and flexible, easy to coil
● high pressure resistance, no leakage, Non toxic, Without odor
●Anti-abrasion, Anti- UV, long working life

Anti-Torsion Knitted Garden Hose is a 4-layer garden hose that utilizes advanced knitted technology to prevent kinks and twists and provide continuous water flow. This fully reinforced, non kink water hose includes a layer of polyester braiding and knitting to provide superior kink resistance. This high pressure hose is made from premium PVC material that is lightweight, flexible and resistant to dirt and debris. It also comes with a UV protected outer layer, and can be used in extremely cold or warm weather.

The PVC knitted garden hose is sure to become an essential staple during your lawn care, yard work, landscaping, cleaning and gardening chores.

The non kink garden hose garden hose has three layers, adopt qualified PVC synthesis material and polyester fiber.

The cheap garden hose is suitable for various garden irrigation, vehicle washing and daily washing.

By adding connector, spray gun and beautiful card packing,it looks more beautiful and convenient to use.

Knitted Garden Hose Construction:

Tube and Cover: PVC

Reinforcement: high tensile polyester knitted

Knitted Garden Hose Application:

Being widely used for garden watering and car washing,household cleaning, in the parks, community, factories and families.

Knitted Garden Hose Characteristic:

●No torsion, Kink resistant

● high pressure resistance, no leakage

●Anti-abrasion, Anti- UV, long working life

●Non toxic, Without odor

●Lightweight and flexible, easy to coil

Knitted Garden Hose Temperature: -10℃(-50℉) to 65℃(+150℉)

Speciafication Knitted Garden Hose 


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