How to distinguish food grade silicone hose?


Food-grade silicone hose is a food-grade hose used in the medical and food industries. The biggest feature is that it meets food-grade requirements. However, silicone hoses are not only food-grade but also industrial-grade. , The following introduces the remarkable characteristics of food-grade silicone hose and how to distinguish it.

1. Distinguish from appearance: The transparency of the food-grade silicone hose is very high, and the fluid in the tube can be clearly seen. The silicone hose used in industry is less transparent, like a matte surface. And the food grade silicone hose has relatively high requirements on the production environment and must be produced in a dust-free workshop, so the hose is made without any black spot impurities. The silicone hose for industrial use has low requirements on the production environment, and is not produced in a clean room. The hose may carry dust impurities, black spots, etc.  2. Distinguish from the smell: Food grade silicone hoses do not have any odor, because they are produced with high-end raw materials and do not add any toxic additives. The raw materials used in industrial silicone hoses are relatively low-end, and the products produced have a relatively large odor. 3. Identify from the qualifications: Only a competent manufacturer with a full understanding of materials and production processes can make high-quality products, and a competent manufacturer will use a dust-free workshop to produce food-grade silicone hoses.

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