High Pressure Grease Hose

High Pressure Grease Hose Characteristic:

●Burst pressure of 23200 PSI.
●Maximum working pressure of 5800 PSI.

High Pressure Grease Hose allows greasing in areas with limited reach. These grease gun replacement hoses are designed for hand operated grease guns and has a 23200 PSI burst pressure. Maximum working pressure of 5800 PSI.

High Pressure Grease Hose Construction:

Tube: Black oil resistant synthetic rubber.

Reinforcement: 1 or 2 high tensile steel wire braiding

Cover: Black abrasion and weather resistant synthetic rubber.

High Pressure Grease Hose Application:

Used for well hydraulic support, oilfield exploitation, suitable for engineering construction, lifting transportation, metallurgical forging, mining equipment, ships, injection molding machines, agricultural machinery and mechanization of various industrial sectors, transportation in automated hydraulic systems.

High Pressure Grease Hose Temperature: -40°C to +121°C(-40°F to +250°F)

High Pressure Grease Hose Specification: 


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